Liposuction – What the Procedure Can and Cannot Do

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Liposuction Surgery

Recent reports from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) point to rising popularity of cosmetic surgery. Men and women can choose from many procedures to enhance their appearance. Body liposuction is one of the best known and most requested treatments. ASPS reported that a total of 258,558 liposuctions were performed in 2018, an increase of 5% from 2017. However, many people have the treatment without fully understanding what exactly liposuction can and cannot do. Like all other cosmetic treatments, liposuction offers many benefits, but has its limitations too. Understanding the possibilities and limitations of liposuction is crucial if you are considering the procedure.

Things that liposuction can do:

  • Permanently remove unwanted fat pockets: Liposuction in New York City can permanently remove localized fat from the body. However, to stay in the shape you achieve, you need to maintain a healthy life style post-treatment. Maintaining a stable weight is the key to maintaining lipo results.
  • Effective option for both genders: This body sculpting treatment is ideal for both men and women. Moreover, hi-def lipo is specially designed to help men achieve a torso that looks lean and muscular.
  • Sculpts the body and creates curves: In addition to its ability to remove stubborn fat pockets, liposuction can sculpt the body. Those who wish to keep the voluminous appearance of their buttocks, for example, can opt to slim down their waist so as to achieve an hourglass figure. Expert surgeons can provide their patients with customized treatment and results.
  • Supports spot reduction: Exercise cannot always spot reduce, but liposuction can directly target fat deposits such as the love handles, bra bulges, bat wings, and other localized fat pockets almost anywhere on the body.
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia: Liposuction can be performed using either general or local anesthesia, and the choice depends on your surgeon’s preferences and on how large an area is being treated. Today, most patients prefer to have their procedure done under local anesthesia because of its safety and shorter recovery period. This explains the popularity of laser liposuction in New York City. This minimally invasive procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia and comes with short downtime and recovery.
  • Produces immediate results: While dieting and exercise can be ineffective or time-consuming, liposuction produces immediate results.
  • Leaves minimal or no scars: While some surgical procedures leave noticeable scars, laser liposuction needs only tiny incisions to remove the excess fat, so that scarring is minimal.

What liposuction cannot do:

  • Is not a weight loss procedure: This procedure is not an obesity or weight loss solution. Liposuction can only help those who are close to their ideal weight and have failed to eliminate those last few pounds through diet and exercise.
  • Cannot resolve stretch marks, dimpling, cellulite, or other skin surface irregularities: Liposuction can help reduce the amount of fat pushing out against the skin, but it does nothing for stretch marks, dimpling, cellulite, or other skin surface irregularities.
  • Traditional techniques leave loose skin: Traditional liposuction can eliminate those excess fat cells that are unresponsive to diet and exercise but could leave you with saggy skin and prevent you from achieving your body contouring goals.  While laser liposuction removes fat and also tightens the skin, having good skin elasticity is important for optimal results.

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