Meggen Harris’ Amazing Experience with InMode BodyTite Procedure

by | Published on Aug 2, 2023 | Bodytite Liposuction

At Park Avenue Smart Lipo™, we are thrilled to share an exciting Forbes post featuring the transformative impact of InMode’s BodyTite treatment on skin laxity and stubborn fat. The post highlights the personal experience of Meggen Harris, a satisfied client who underwent this revolutionary procedure. Dr. Spero Theodorou, M.D., InMode’s Chief Medical Officer and the founder and Surgical Director of Park Avenue Smart Lipo, a distinguished expert in the field, also provides valuable insights and comments on the treatment’s effectiveness.

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Meggen’s Personal Journey

Meggen Harris wanted to improve certain areas of her body that were impacted by time and gravity. Attracted by the popularity of InMode treatments, and their capability for effective skin tightening and fat reduction, she decided to try them out. She consulted Dr. Paul D. Durand, MD of Careaga Plastic Surgery. She first tried out InMode’s Morpheus8. Dr. Durand then recommended InMode’s BodyTite procedure along with VASER ultrasound-assisted liposuction.

Dr. Spero Theodorou on InMode BodyTite

Meggen sought a professional opinion from Dr. Spero Theodorou, who explained to her that, “BodyTite is a minimally invasive, single treatment that utilized directional radiofrequency to provide subdermal tissue coagulation and bulk tissue heating. It’s ideal for patients with lax skin, seeking skin contraction without extensive surgeries. One treatment yields noticeable results, with the best outcomes visible after 6 to 12 months.” Dr. Theodorou highlighted InMode’s proprietary BodyTite family of Radiofrequency Assisted Lipo-coagulation (RFAL) and Morpheus8 family of Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Devices (SARD), that positioned the company as a leading global provider of innovative procedures. He also said that, “Benefits for this procedure include non-excisional, superior body contouring, significant body tightening results (up to 40% skin contraction observed in clinical studies), uniform treatment, consistent results, less bruising, swelling and pain, shorter downtime, and improved safety.”

Benefits of BodyTite Treatment

Meggen was impressed with the procedure’s ability to address her skin laxity and stubborn fat in one treatment. The procedure was virtually pain-free, with Meggen being awake throughout the process. After just two weeks, she resumed her intense workouts and daily routine. She says, “It has now been three and half months since my procedure and I am thrilled with my results so far and they will continue to improve over the next several months while the collagen and elastin in my skin rebuild. I feel so much more confident in the skin I am in as a result of having BodyTite.”

InMode BodyTite offers transformative results in skin tightening and body contouring without extensive surgery. Dr. Spero Theodorou’s insights provide valuable information about this revolutionary procedure.

To read the full article on Meggen Harris’ InMode BodyTite experience, check out Forbes’ insightful piece at:

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