What All Do I Need to Know about BodyTite Liposuction?

by | Published on Mar 13, 2023 | Bodytite Liposuction

Body contouring reduces extra skin and fat from virtually any area of the body to improve the shape and tone. When you find it difficult to get rid of extra fat from any area of the body, such as the belly, thighs, hips, buttocks, back, or arms, body contouring may be the practical option to consider. It transforms your body’s size and shape and tightens your skin to give you a toned physique. BodyTite liposuction in Manhattan is a minimally-invasive procedure that helps contour the body, and targets particular regions where weight loss has been ineffective or where there is excess skin after significant weight loss.

Body Contouring with BodyTite

BodyTite liposuction in Manhattan uses the latest radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL) technology to safely and effectively remove stubborn fat deposits and shape the body. It is the perfect method to obtain a more toned and sculpted appearance without invasive surgery. Without leaving behind any lengthy scars or incisions, the procedure can improve the appearance of cellulite, tighten loose skin, and remove excess fat from the problem areas. It is important that the procedure is performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like the surgeons at Park Avenue Smart Lipo.

Meet Our Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Spero J Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T Chia are specialists in BodyTite liposuction and Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction. Dr. Theodorou worked with another expert to develop EmbraceRF, a radiofrequency-assisted facial rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Theodorou and Dr. Chia invented the Scarless Arm Lift and the Brazilian Butt Lift under Local Anesthesia (BBLULA). Our plastic surgeons are experts in surgical, minimally-invasive, and non-invasive body contouring using various technologies – BodyTite, Smartlipo Triplex, and VASER lipo.

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How Does BodyTite Work and How Is it Different from Traditional Liposuction?

Just a few incisions are made for the surgery, which is carried out under local anesthesia. This is a virtually painless liposuction process that lasts about 30 to 45 minutes. The BodyTite hand piece is passed over the treatment region. The radiofrequency energy melts away fat cells while heating the underlying tissues and tightening the skin. Due to device’s ability to remove the liquefied fat quickly effectively, the procedure is more effective and quicker. Moreover, it causes the adipose, fibrous, and vascular tissues to coagulate while leaving the surrounding healthy tissues undamaged. BodyTite’s controlled and precise heating action can target problematic fat without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue. Also, it tightens the skin and initiates a healing process that results in the production of new collagen and elastin cells that mend the damaged area.

BodyTite liposuction does not require a lengthy recovery period or sophisticated surgical procedures. The main distinction between BodyTite and conventional liposuction is that BodyTite uses heating technology to tighten the surrounding skin while doing liposuction. If a client has sagging or loose skin, liposuction might be paired with other skin tightening operations. Compared to traditional liposuction, BodyTite liposuction has a far shorter and easier recovery period.

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Best Candidate for BodyTite

People who are near to their target body weight, in good health, and who battle with stubborn body fat that defies exercise and nutrition are the best candidates for BodyTite. The technique may also be advantageous for those who have gone through the following:

  • Variation in body weight
  • Pregnancy
  • Natural ageing

BodyTite liposuction is the answer you have been looking for if you have been dealing with excess fat and sagging skin for some time.

Preparing for BodyTite

  • Avoid alcohol and stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and for two weeks afterward for a smooth healing process.
  • Prior to the operation, avoid excessive sun exposure.
  • Be reasonable in your expectations.
  • Maintain a healthy way of living.
  • Discus your medical history with your plastic surgeon.
  • Inform your surgeon if you get a cold or an infection before the procedure because it may have to be postponed.
  • Any allergies you may have should be disclosed to your surgeon.
  • The need for preliminary testing such blood tests, electrocardiograms, or lung x-rays will be decided by your surgeon. A few weeks before the procedure, these tests should be carried out.

Recovering from BodyTite

  • Heavy lifting and vigorous exercise are discouraged for patients until the incisions have fully healed. Most people resume their regular activities in a few days.
  • After the procedure, you must wear a compression garment for at least one week.
  • Take the medications that your surgeon recommends if necessary to relieve any discomfort or soreness that may arise after the procedure.
  • The benefits of lymphatic massage include improved skin quality around the treatment region and the promotion of recovery.
  • Hold onto your scheduled follow-ups.
  • To maintain the results of the treatment, follow a healthy diet and exercise frequently.
  • Contact your surgeon right away if you detect anything odd at the treatment site or while the wound is healing.

If you are considering BodyTite liposuction, choose an AAAASF-accredited NYC Liposuction center that has surgeons who are experts in using the RF-assisted technology. Experts will use the capabilities of the device to provide customized treatment

Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ is a leading plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, New York City specialized in minimally-invasive BodyTite Liposuction treatment for both men and women. We provide customized body contouring procedures to meet individual patient requirements.

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