Recovering from Knee Liposuction

by | Published on Jul 4, 2016 | Knee Liposuction

For most people, getting rid of fat around the knees is not easy with just diets and exercise. Knee liposuction surgery has become a popular option to address this aesthetic concern. Today, surgeons in NYC offer minimally-invasive knee contouring procedures using the SmartLipo Triplex workstation. This FDA-approved modality is an ideal option as it enables effective fat reduction and precise contouring of this area. Typically performed along with inner and outer thigh liposuction, the procedure leads to slimmer, well-shaped legs.

As with all cosmetic surgical procedures, you need to follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully to ensure smooth recovery following the treatment. Here are some of the general guidelines relating to recovery after knee liposuction:

  • You will need to wear a compression garment to control the swelling and compress the skin to fit the new shape.
  • The swelling can also be reduced by keeping the legs raised on a pillow for a few days after the treatment.
  • Easing the impact on your knees will help speed up the healing process. This can be done by using a cane to move around during the initial days.
  • To avoid chances of infection, change the bandages on a regular basis and keep the area dry.
  • Lightly massaging your lower legs from the ankle towards the knee a few times a day, for a few minutes, can improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the area.
  • Try doing light exercises like calf raises and heels lifts every day.
  • Avoid bending your knees, running, and strenuous lower body exercise till you recover fully.
  • Take your medication on time as advised by the surgeon.

Your health and safety are critical factors to consider when you have plastic surgery. So make sure you choose a reliable, qualified plastic surgeon with experience in performing laser liposuction of the knees.  When you are in the right hands, you can expect safe and effective treatment and valuable guidance and support for a smooth recovery.

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