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Recovery Tips For Inner Thigh Liposuction

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Stubborn fat in the thighs is a common concern among women. It is typically caused by factors such as being overweight, hormonal imbalances, improper diet, pregnancy, heredity and a sedentary lifestyle. Thigh liposuction can address fatty deposits, tighten the skin, and improve the overall appearance of the thighs. While outer thigh lipo removes fat bulges in the outer area, inner thigh liposuction is performed along the inner areas and can resolve the problem of the thighs rubbing together. Inner thigh liposuction in NYC is a safe and effective minimally invasive procedure performed using the FDA approved Smartlipo Triplex laser-assisted workstation. Laser energy is used to liquefy the fat which makes it easy to remove.

 Inner Thigh Liposuction

Recovery after liposuction depends on the amount of fat removed, type of anesthesia used and other considerations. As laser liposuction needs only local anesthesia and minimal surgical trauma, most patients recover in 3-5 days. Smartlipo is an ideal option to treat delicate areas like the inner thighs. In addition to liquefying and removing stubborn fat, the laser stimulates the production of collagen and provides excellent skin tightening effects. Wearing the compression garment for at least two weeks can help healing, speed recovery, and improve results.


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