Returning To a Desk Job after Hip Laser Liposuction

by | Published on May 22, 2019 | Hip Liposuction

The hips and thighs are common areas for fat buildup, especially in women. In most cases, even strenuous exercise and stringent diets fail to address the concern. Fortunately, hip liposuction provides the solution by removing the unwanted hip fat and restoring natural shape. Nevertheless, a common concern among prospective patients is as to when they can return to a desk job after hip liposuction.

Conventional hip liposuction is an invasive procedure that involves lengthy downtime and recovery. However, advanced technologies now help patients achieve their goals safely and quickly.  Hip laser liposuction in NYC performed using FDA-approved Smartlipo is a minimally-invasive procedure that comes with short downtime recovery times, allowing patients to return to their routine activities faster.

Laser liposuction in Manhattan, NYC is a safe and effective way to remove excess fat and improve body contour and symmetry. The advanced Smartlipo workstation blends the power of three laser wavelengths – 1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm – to liquefy fat so that it can be easily removed. By allowing the surgeon to precisely target the treatment site, this technology minimizes damage to surrounding tissues. Its intelligent delivery systems – ThermaGuide, SmartSense and ThermaView – are designed to regulate energy delivery and prevent over treatment. Smartlipo treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia and comes with a much shorter recovery time than traditional liposuction surgery.

Following hip liposuction, most patients return to work and low impact activities after 48 hours of rest and recovery. But if you are working in an office setting which requires you to do jobs in sitting position, it would be good to take one or two more days off from your work for recovery. This means you need to take sufficient time off from work, especially if your work is a desk job that demands more time sitting.

Following your surgeon’s instructions will speed healing and recovery. Wearing the compression garment as recommended can reduce post-op swelling. Frequent lymphatic massage can also help reduce swelling and discomfort. High impact activities, including jogging and bouncing activities, should be avoided for up to six weeks. However, these time frames may vary from patient to patient depending on how well their body responds to surgery and if you receive liposuction on additional areas. Final results become visible 2-4 months following hip lipo and will continue to improve as the body starts healing. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are important to maintain the outcomes.

If you are considering hip laser liposuction in NYC, choose a reliable plastic surgery practice offering the treatment. Such practices have plastic surgeons who are experts in performing the procedure using Smartlipo technology. It’s important to talk to your surgeon about preparing for procedure and to plan it appropriately. A reliable NYC liposuction surgeon will provide satisfactory answers to your questions as well as valuable guidance to help you take an informed decision. In an established AAAASF-accredited practice, you can expect end-to-end care and support throughout treatment and recovery.

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