Surgical Arm Liposuction Vs Laser Arm Liposuction

by | Published on Jul 13, 2022 | Arm Liposuction

Flabby arms or bat wings are a serious concern for many men and women, especially when they wear sleeveless outfits. Aging, genetics, weight gain, and lack of exercise are main reasons for flabby arms. Arm liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure that addresses the issue. It is a perfect solution for those who have excess fat in the upper arms that does not respond to strenuous exercise and strict diets. There are two arm contouring options: arm liposuction surgery and laser arm liposuction in Manhattan. Let’s see how they differ.

Surgical Arm Liposuction

Surgical arm liposuction is an invasive procedure performed to address excess fat and saggy and loose skin that develops under the upper arms. It involves general anesthesia and long incisions to insert a cannula into the site to remove the unwanted fat. The cannula is moved back and forth manually to disrupt the fat cells and remove the excess fat from the targeted site. This action may lead to the destruction of surrounding tissues and also damage the blood vessels. It can cause significant bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Recovery can take several months. The major advantage of this procedure is that it can target large areas.

The risks associated with surgical arm liposuction are:

  • Light or dark pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Irregularities in contouring
  • Causing damage to nerve and skin
  • Leaves behind excess skin

Laser Arm Liposuction

When compared to traditional or surgical arm liposuction, laser arm liposuction or arm liposuction in Manhattan, NYC is a minimally invasive procedure.

Plastic surgeons in Manhattan use the FDA approved SmartLipo Triplex workstation to perform the procedure. The SmartLipo Triplex modality combines three different laser wavelengths – 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440 nm – for liquefying the fat cells for easy removal, coagulating the tissues, and tightening the skin.

The surgeon will administer local anesthesia to numb the treatment site and then make a small incision to insert the tiny minimally invasive cannula of the Smartlipo device. Then laser energy is directly delivered into the fat to liquefy it so that it can be gently suctioned out. This procedure tightens the underlying tissues, smoothens the skin, and provides a firmer appearance.

Arm liposuction in Manhattan, NYC involves less surgical trauma and downtime than surgical arm liposuction. It also provides great skin tightening effects. The other benefits of laser arm liposuction include:

  • Minimally invasive, needs on local anesthesia
  • Performed on an outpatient basis
  • Well- contoured arms
  • High-definition sculpting
  • Minimal bruising and discomfort
  • Tightens the skin
  • Minimal scarring
  • Speedy recovery
  • Short treatment time

Surgical Arm Liposuction and Laser Arm Liposuction: Which Is Better?

Both procedures are considered effective options to remove excess fat cells from the upper arms. Usually, surgeons recommend laser liposuction for the patients who have small to moderate amounts of excess fat, good skin elasticity and saggy skin. Laser arm liposuction tightens the excess skin instead of removing it. Experienced  plastic surgeons in Manhattan will evaluate your concerns and recommend the right option to help you achieve the best results.

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