What Are Benefits Of Fat Transfer To Buttocks Over Butt Implants?

by | Last updated on May 16, 2023 | Published on Sep 3, 2021 | Fat Transfer/Fat Grafting

Today, many women who want a fuller, rounded posterior are opting to have a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Manhattan, NYC. The procedure involves using a woman’s own fat to provide the desired volume enhancement. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, fat transfer to buttocks in Manhattan can provide natural looking results with minimal side effects and recovery time.

Leading NYC surgeons perform minimally-invasive BBL that involves harvesting excess fat from the patient’s thighs, hips, or abdomen and transferring it to the buttocks to improve volume and contour. Another a novel procedure called Brazilian Butt Lift 360 combines BBL and abdomen liposuction. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) 360 involves harvesting unwanted fat areas from the abdominal area and transplanting it to the gluteal region providing you with that coveted hourglass figure by shaping your midsection 360 degrees around. The BBL 360 result would be the golden hip to waist ratio – a waist that is at least a third smaller than the hips.

In addition to providing natural-looking outcomes, the minimally invasive fat transfer buttock augmentation procedure offers many advantages over implants:

  • Needs only local anesthesia
  • Avoids implant-related risks associated with general anesthesia, bleeding, and pain
  • Requires no hospital stay
  • Minimal scarring and discomfort
  • Natural-looking outcomes
  • Consistency of the skin remains soft
  • Minimal side effects and downtime
  • Safe and speedy recovery

Fat grafting to buttocks in Manhattan involves two components – fat harvesting and fat grafting. The first component is fat harvesting or liposuction to extract the needed fat for augmentation from the body areas such as the mid back, bra rolls, flanks, stomach, and thighs. The extracted fat is then and then injected into the buttock to provide the desired outcome.

Though the procedure is minimally-invasive, some redness, bruising, swelling, and discomfort is to be expected, which will subside within a few days. Your surgeon may advise you to wear a compression garment for some time and to also avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for two weeks as it helps to reduce the swelling and speed up the healing process. Most patients recover in a period of 10-14 days.

Fat transfer buttock augmentation results are usually noticeable immediately after the procedure and can last several months and even years. To keep your results looking their best, it’s important to maintain a stable weight.

Women considering fat transfer to buttocks in Manhattan should find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility that has plastic surgeons who are experts in both components: liposuction and fat grafting. Such surgeons can provide safe treatment and optimal results, based on one’s anatomical considerations and goals. They will help you decide the best buttock size and shape for your body type.

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