What is the Expected Recovery Time after Abdominal and Inner Thigh Liposuction

by | Published on Oct 25, 2017 | Liposuction Surgery

More and more men and women are opting to have liposuction in NYC to achieve their body contouring goals. This cosmetic surgical procedure has gained wide acceptance as a feasible option to achieve a slimmer, well-shaped body when even strenuous diets and exercise regimens fail to eliminate those pesky pockets of fat. In NYC, plastic surgeons perform Smartlipo laser liposuction to reshape the body with minimal pain and downtime. This minimally-invasive, safe procedure offers superior outcomes for popular procedures like abdominal and inner thigh liposuction. However, one common concern prospective patients have is what about the length of the healing or recovery time after these procedures.

Expert surgeons say that laser assisted liposuction on abdomen and inner thigh requires a shorter recovery period than for traditional liposuction. This is because, unlike the conventional procedure, Smartlipo does not require the use of general anesthesia and is done safely and effectively under local anesthesia.

After abdominal and inner thigh liposuction using Smartlipo, you can expect minimal swelling and bruising, and a relatively safer and quicker recovery with minimal blood loss and far less bruising and swelling than with conventional surgical techniques. However, the success of your cosmetic surgical procedure depends to a great extent on how you manage the recovery phase. Generally, patients are dressed and ready to leave the surgeon’s office within 20 minutes after the operation. Though surgeons recommend that they take the next day off from work, almost all patients are able to resume normal daily activities by then (except for heavy exercise). However, recovery time would vary from patient to patient depending on individual considerations.

Here are some tips that can help speed recovery:

  • Take the pain medications prescribed by your surgeon.
  • Wear the compression garment as advised as it can promote quicker recovery from swelling, bruising, edema, and/or other potential side effects that may occur after the procedure.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure and during the recovery phase.
  • Including more protein in your diet can help the skin regenerate quickly.
  • Take adequate rest.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for few weeks.
  • Gentle massage can speed up the healing and recovery process.

The golden rule is to follow your plastic surgeon’s specific instructions on managing the post-surgical phase. If you notice any issues, contact your surgeon immediately. Follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain your body contouring results.

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