What Might Have Changed Our Perception About Cosmetic Surgery?

by | Last updated on May 16, 2023 | Published on Nov 3, 2014 | Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery

A decade back, cosmetic surgery was considered an option confined to the wealthy and elite. However, at present we experience a dramatic change in the trend when a number of men and women are undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures to meet their wide range of aesthetic goals. This includes common people, teenagers, middle-aged people and the elderly which highlights the changed attitude towards cosmetic surgery. According to experts in the field, many influential factors might have contributed to our change in the perception of cosmetic surgery. Let us look at the important factors that may be part of this change.

  • The influence of media comes first as it may have contributed a great deal to the surgery decisions of many. Now, the possibilities of these procedures and the experiences of people are included in open discussions and common people watch it through TV or internet options. However, leading surgeons advise that a cosmetic surgery decision should always be a personal one and not for others. Most importantly, one should make well-informed decisions and approach any cosmetic procedure with realistic expectations.
  • The availability of non-invasive procedures is another factor. Earlier, many were hesitant to undergo these procedures out of misgivings about a massive surgery. However, with the availability of safe injections and pain-free procedures, people are increasingly coming forward for the same. However, whether it is Botox or any other treatments, DIY is never advisable and seeking the assistance of a reputable and experienced surgeon is highly recommended.
  • Digital enhancements and the growth of digital photography have also contributed to the change in perception. The present selfie trend is the perfect example. A number of people are using plastic surgery options to look great on selfies.
  • Earlier, the availability of procedures was limited. At present, there are advanced plastic surgery practices and skilled and experienced surgeons providing diverse aesthetic procedures. Also, with the growing demand for aesthetic corrections, innovative procedures are made available at these practices. One of the best examples is bridal liposuction designed to help women look awesome on their big day.

The taboo surrounding cosmetic procedures is somewhat removed by now. People are seeking feedbacks from others who had procedures to correct aesthetic concerns similar to those they have. People are being more open about the procedures and society is accepting it as part of improving one’s lifestyle. So people are now not feeling awkward, when considering or talking about a cosmetic procedure.

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