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SmartLipo Abdomen - Before & After Photos (Men)

Just as for women, belly fat is also a major concern for men. The only plastic surgery group in NYC certified by Cynosure, the manufacturer of Smartlipo, Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ provides Smartlipo male abdomen liposuction that helps in efficient fat removal and tightening of drooping abdominal skin.

Our plastic surgeons provide clinical and surgical training for physicians and their staffs on Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction. They have performed the highest number of successful Smartlipo procedures in the U.S. For this liposuction, they use local anesthesia, making recovery easier and faster than traditional procedures. Male candidates striving to achieve a truly masculine look can also benefit from the abdominal etching procedure we offer.

See the abdomen liposuction before and after photos of our patient. Remember that individual results may vary from patient to patient.

Before & After Photos Before & After Photos Before & After Photos

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Male Abdomen Liposuction