3 Things to Consider before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

by | Published on Jul 25, 2018 | Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a practical solution to successfully address your cosmetic concerns and to regain your self-confidence. Signs of aging, extra fat bulges on various body parts, and sagging skin are among the common cosmetic issues people have. Now, safe and efficient plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction in NYC are available to remove extra fat that has accumulated in various body areas and restore the natural, attractive body contour. Celebrities including Ariel Winter, Kylie Jenner, and Iggy Azalea have endorsed plastic surgery by talking about the procedures they underwent. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also draws attention to the phenomenal popularity of cosmetic surgery – according to their 2017 data, 17.5 million cosmetic procedures (both surgical and minimally invasive) were performed.

With the availability of safe and effective minimally-invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures that involve little downtime, an increasing number of men and women are opting for these procedures to enhance their looks. However, before you head for plastic surgery, there are certain things you can consider to ensure a rewarding surgical experience and positive outcome:

  • Do a detailed research on the procedure: The most important thing to do is to perform a thorough research on the procedure, the plastic surgery center where you are going to undergo the procedure, and the plastic surgeon performing the surgery. You must make sure that the surgeon you approach is qualified and experienced, and has proven his/her proficiency in performing your chosen aesthetic procedure. The plastic surgeon is a very important consideration if you are looking for optimal results. You must have a clear idea about your cosmetic goals and be able to convey this to your surgeon. For that, you can prepare a set of questions to ask your surgeon during the initial consultation and be assured that you have made the right choice. Ask about the number of successful procedures the surgeon has performed, the techniques used, and also request to view the before and after photos of former patients. Be specific as to what you want and don’t go for additional plastic surgery procedures (which your spouse or friend may want you to do) that you’re not comfortable with. You cannot expect the same result that a celebrity or your friend has achieved, because the results of a procedure would depend on various individual considerations. Be clear about what you would like to change or improve. According to a HUFFPOST article, “whether you’re thinking about something small like a mole removal, or a far more complex surgery like liposuction, plastic surgery can help you achieve more self-confidence and can be barely noticeable if done well.”
  • Prepare your body for the procedure: Even though plastic surgery procedures have become quite popular, only ideal candidates achieve optimal results. Procedures such as liposuction in NYC provide the best results for the best candidates who are in their ideal BMI and physically healthy. A good candidate for plastic surgery is one who maintains a stable body weight. Once you have fixed the date for the cosmetic procedure, make sure you follow certain pre-operative tips to prepare your body to handle any after-effects of the procedure and recover quickly. As you gain or lose extra pounds, it could have an impact on the outcome of your body contouring procedure.

    According to an article from HUFFPOST, “Ask your surgeon for recommendations on any supplements to take beforehand and research if you’ll need to remove multivitamins from your daily intake or not (as some may result in thinning of the blood). Be sure to keep your diet clean and drink water in the weeks before your surgery to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to aid in a speedy recovery.” A person who maintains a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise can expect speedy recovery and body contouring outcomes to last longer.

  • Plan your recovery time in advance: Any kind of surgery may possess some risk and the body may require time to recover. There is a specific recovery time for most cosmetic procedures, but it may vary for each individual, so it’s important to know how downtime is involved and make your plans accordingly. If you had liposuction surgery, proper after-care is important. You need to follow the surgeon’s instructions to enjoy smooth recovery after liposuction surgery. Ensure that after the surgery you stay away from things that can hinder your ability to rest and recover. So, plan time off from work and make due preparations in your house, be prepared to face some restrictions in your routine, including outdoor activity and socializing during the recovery period.

Following the above steps will help ensure that you achieve the look you want safely and efficiently.

If you are considering liposuction in New York City, find an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility with skilled plastic surgeons. Discuss your goals with your surgeon to understand if your goals are realistic and what you should do on your part to best maintain the good results. Even though professional guidance is important, don’t let anyone, including the surgeon, force you to accept their opinions on what will suit you. Make sure that your surgeon understands your concerns, preferences and specific goals. If you are not convinced with the surgeon’s recommendations, feel free to approach another reliable surgeon you are comfortable with and seek a second opinion. Don’t rush into any decisions; in fact, take adequate time to decide whether you want to undergo plastic surgery.

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