Am I A Good Candidate for Double Chin Laser Liposuction?

by | Published on Nov 2, 2020 | Chin Liposuction/Double Chin Liposuction

A double chin or submental fat is a common aesthetic concern affecting both men and women. Excess fat under the chin is challenging to resolve with just diet and exercise. Smartlipo double chin laser liposuction in NYC provides the solution. The procedure uses laser energy to melt the unwanted fat for easy removal and also tightens the skin to create a defined jawline.

With the cutting-edge Smartlipo laser liposuction technique, plastic surgeons can remove extra fat from delicate, difficult-to-treat areas like the neck, under the chin, along the jaw line, and around the cheeks and jowls. The three laser wavelengths (1064 nm, 1320 nm, and 1440 nm), this FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation can be used individually or combined to remove fat and tighten skin. Because laser liposuction only requires local anesthesia, it can be performed on an outpatient basis.

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Who Qualifies for Smartlipo Double Chin Laser Liposuction?

To benefit from Smartlipo double chin liposuction in Manhattan, NYC, you must be a good candidate for the treatment. Your plastic surgeon will thoroughly assess you to make sure your ultimate goal of having a smooth, slender, and natural-looking neck shape can be accomplished.

In order to assess your candidacy and the amount of fat that can be removed, the surgeon will examine your face during the consultation, especially the underlying bone structure around the chin and jawline.

Double Chin Laser Liposuction: Criteria Candidates Should Meet

Double Chin Laser Liposuction

Preparing for Double Chin Laser Liposuction

Discuss all of the regular medications, including dietary supplements, with your surgeon. You will be told not to smoke and not to take certain over-the-counter medications in the weeks leading up to the procedure.

Your surgeon will advise you to wear a chin strap during the healing period to reduce swelling and aid in soft tissue adjustment after liposuction. Usually, the results of double chin laser liposuction in NYC are noticeable in a few weeks. Recovery might take longer.

For older patients, plastic surgeons may suggest a facelift in addition to chin liposuction to enhance the results. Advanced modalities like the Precision Tx and the Nd: YAG 1440nm wavelength laser are used to perform this minimally invasive procedure. By refining the jaw line definition, eliminating jowls, restoring youthful neck curves, and redefining the facial and chin contours, it revitalizes the face.

The experience and abilities of the plastic surgeon are critical to the outcome of any cosmetic surgical procedure. Therefore, if you’re thinking about getting double chin laser liposuction in NYC, choose a facility that has been accredited by the AAAASF and has surgeons who have extensive training and experience in performing the procedure. Getting treatment in a recognized facility is essential for a secure and relaxing plastic surgery experience.

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