Benefits of Breast Liposuction for Women

by | Last updated on May 10, 2023 | Published on Aug 17, 2016 | Breast Liposuction

Breast liposuction in a professional NYC plastic surgery practice is a great option for women looking to address the problem of overly large breasts. The procedure can also resolve asymmetry and result in a bust line that is more proportional to the body. The treatment helps resolve the pain, discomfort, poor posture or embarrassment associated with large breasts. In established plastic surgery facilities, surgeons perform the procedure using safe and effective Smartlipo Triplex technology.

A successful breast liposuction procedure would offer many benefits:

  • Well-shaped breasts proportionate to the body would result in a more youthful looking appearance.
  • It resolves breathing problems, neck pain and back and shoulder aches caused by overly large breasts.
  • It solves the issue of skin rashes due to overly large breasts.
  • Spine problems and posture are improved.
  • With a youthful looking body profile, you can actively participate in sports and other activities.
  • It could improve lung function and quality of sleep.
  • You fit better in your clothes, which improves your self-confidence.

Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction makes breast reduction a safe and comfortable experience. The minimally-invasive Smartlipo workstation targets the treatment site with laser energy to melt the unwanted fat, enabling the surgeon to suction off the liquefied tissues easily. The procedure results in an attractive and youthful looking bust line – with minimal pain, discomfort, visible scars, and side effects. Only the fat is targeted and the nerves and blood vessels are undisturbed. As downtime is minimal, most patients recover quickly and can resume normal activities in just a few days.

To benefit from a safe and comfortable treatment experience, choose a plastic surgery practice with plastic surgeons who are experienced in performing breast liposuction using Smartlipo Triplex in NYC.

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