What is the Best Age for Neck Liposuction?

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Genetics, aging, and weight gain are the main causes of submental fat or a double chin. When diet and strenuous exercise prove ineffective to address this aesthetic concern, neck liposuction in Manhattan is a great option to consider. The procedure removes the excess fat, tightens the skin, and sculpts the neck, resulting in a slim, well-defined, appearance.

How is Neck Liposuction in Manhattan Performed?

In leading Manhattan plastic surgery facilities, surgeons utilize the minimally invasive Smartlipo Triplex workstation. This procedure, which is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, involves laser-assisted technology to remove the excess fat and tighten the skin. This laser workstation precisely targets undesirable fat while protecting the nearby tissues. The surgeon can monitor skin temperature and control energy flow with the help of the Smartlipo system’s unique intelligent delivery systems, reducing the risk of overtreatment.

Most patients go home the same day as the treatment, return to work in about a week, and resume normal activity in approximately two weeks. Following the surgeon’s post-operative instructions can speed recovery.

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Neck laser liposuction can be carried out independently or in combination with other treatments like a facelift and neck lift. Patients who have moderately elastic or firm skin and do not require extra skin removal are ideal candidates.

The Ideal Age to Consider Neck Liposuction

An ideal candidate is a healthy person who has a double chin – localized fat deposits in the neck area. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, neck liposuction is the ideal option for people in the 20 – 50 age group, as they have good skin elasticity which is required for good results.

  • Younger adults (20- 30s): Younger people with elastic skin may choose liposuction to treat a genetic propensity to excess neck fat. It can provide a slight improvement in the neck’s contour and stop future fat buildup.
  • Middle age (30s–50s): Many people in their thirties to fifties start to see the effects of aging, such as fat buildup around the neck. Liposuction is a viable option for restoring a more youthful neck contour and enhancing the harmony of the entire face.
  • Older persons (60 years and older): If they are in good health and have enough skin elasticity, older people may be candidates for this procedure. In some cases, a neck lift or additional procedures could be advised to treat drooping skin and extra fat at the same time.

Recovering from Neck Laser Liposuction

Knowing what to anticipate after neck liposuction in Manhattan will help you manage this phase better because everyone’s recovery is unique. You will be advised to rest completely after the treatment. It will take a few weeks for swelling and bruising, which are frequent side effects of the treatment, to go away.

Your surgeon will advise you to wear an elastic compression garment for at least 6 weeks after the procedure, even though the dressing may be removed the following day. This can facilitate quicker healing and provide the best results by reducing swelling and bruising. The majority of patients resume everyday activities within two weeks and go back to work within a week. However, you will be instructed to refrain from neck-straining tasks including bending, lifting, and other similar actions.

For at least a week following treatment, patients are also encouraged to sleep on their backs with the head of the bed elevated.

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It’s crucial to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to determine the most suitable age for neck liposuction based on an individual’s unique circumstances and desired outcome. A professional plastic surgeon will ensure that the procedure is safe, effective, and aligned with the patient’s aesthetic goals.

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