Buttocks Liposuction – Restore the Natural Shape of your Body

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Buttocks Liposuction

The buttocks pose aesthetic concerns for most women. This area of the body tends to accumulate fat deposits and negatively impact your overall appearance. Pregnancy, aging, and slow metabolism are the main factors that cause fat to accumulate in the buttocks. Even strenuous diets and exercise don’t seem to work when it comes to reducing fat in the area. Buttocks liposuction in Manhattan is a popular option to address this concern and achieve that trim and streamlined shape woman desire. Performed using the minimally-invasive FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation, the treatment involves using laser energy to remove excess fat, tighten the skin, and reshape the area to provide attractive and natural-looking results.

Benefits of Buttocks Liposuction

Though traditional liposuction surgery can remove unwanted fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, the procedure is invasive and requires long recovery time. Furthermore, it does not provide any skin tightening benefits, and there is an increased possibility of dimpling or sagging after the procedure (specifically in older patients with reduced skin elasticity). On the other hand, laser liposuction offers many benefits –

  • Short treatment time and downtime
  • Encourages the production of collagen
  • Performed under local anesthesia
  • Minimal chances of complications
  • Less bleeding and bruising
  • Superior skin tightening effects
  • Quick and smooth recovery
  • High definition body sculpting

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Procedure?

Women considering liposuction on the buttocks area need to make sure that they are good candidates for the procedure. Ideal candidates would meet the following conditions –

  • Have an out of proportion buttock area
  • Are healthy, with no serious medical conditions and psychologically stable
  • Have firm, elastic skin and pockets of excess fat in the buttock area
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome

Women are not good candidate for the buttocks liposuction if they are –

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Consume blood-thinners (anti-coagulants)
  • Have severe liver or kidney disease, or dealing with heart failure
  • Have smoking habits
  • Suffer any kind of infection in the area that needs to be treated

What the Procedure Involves?

The advanced FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation utilizes laser energy to dissolve the fat, which allows it to be suctioned off gently. The technique blends the power of three laser wavelengths -1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm – for effective fat reduction. By allowing the surgeon to precisely target the treatment site, this technology minimizes damage to surrounding tissues. The intelligent delivery systems of the device – ThermaGuide, SmartSense and ThermaView – are designed to regulate energy delivery and prevent risks of overtreatment.

Tips for Post-op care

Before you have buttocks laser liposuction, you need to be fully aware about the significance of proper preparation for the treatment. Planning ahead and following the plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions correctly is critical for a comfortable experience, smooth recovery, and optimal results.

  • Wear the compression garment 24X7 for the first two weeks after undergoing the procedure. Compression garments will support the surgical site, help circulation and skin shrinkage, and reduce swelling.
  • Take adequate rest and sleep on your stomach till the time advised by the surgeon. Any minor discomfort and swelling experienced generally subsides within 5 days.
  • Patients need to quit smoking and alcohol consumption at least two weeks before and for two weeks after the procedure.
  • Patients need avoid strenuous activities for the first few days after surgery. However, they can return to light normal daily activities (like walking) within a few days.
  • As mild discomfort and pain is common after the procedure, take the pain medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon.
  • Drink adequate water and fresh fruit juice to prevent dehydration.
  • Do not apply ice-packs or a heating pad to the treated areas.
  • If your work involves sitting for long periods of time, take the necessary time off from work to recover from the surgery.
  • If any unusual changes (like signs of infection) are noticed, contact your plastic surgeon immediately.

The recovery period can vary based on individual considerations and depend on the amount of fat removed. Some patients recover quickly within a week, while others may need up to three months for the pain and discomfort to improve. Keeping follow-up appointments is critical to monitor healing and ensure that there are no complications.

Women considering buttocks laser liposuction in NYC must choose a reliable AAAASF-accredited practice. An AAAASF-accredited surgical practice would offer the services of plastic surgeons who are experienced and skilled in performing Smartlipo laser liposuction and can deliver attractive, natural looking outcomes.

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