Combine Knee Liposuction with Thigh Liposuction for Shapely Legs

by | Published on Jul 25, 2016 | Liposuction Surgery

Women seeking to achieve slim, attractive legs can benefit from minimally invasive laser liposuction of the knee and thighs. Knee liposuction addresses the excess fat in the knees which is not easy to get rid of with conventional means like diet and exercise. The laser liposuction procedure gives more definition to the knee cap, front structures of the knee, lower fibula area and calves. Combining this treatment with lipolysis of the inner thighs could result in well shaped legs.

The right candidates for knee liposuction are those who have considerable fullness in the knee area due to the buildup of stubborn fat. The procedure can treat fat on the inside of the knee, below the knee, or on the top of the knee. Performed using the minimally-invasive Smartlipo Triplex laser workstation, the procedure involves liquefying the fatty tissues and gently suctioning them off. The treatment also tightens the loose skin.

When performed by a qualified surgeon, the result would be slimmer, attractive, toned legs. With tighter skin around the knee area and barely visibly scarring, women can confidently wear short dresses and swimsuits.

Recovery after knee liposuction is an important question in the minds of most people. Proper care after knee liposuction surgery is important in ensuring a smooth recovery. In order to minimize swelling, resting with the legs raised on a pillow for a few days is usually recommended. Changing the bandages regularly and keeping the area dry is a must to avoid risks of infection. Lightly massaging your lower legs for a couple minutes a few times a day will help improve blood circulation. Exercising your lower legs lightly every day as healing progresses may be recommended, but you have to avoid bending your knees, running or lower body exercises that are too strenuous for at least three weeks.

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