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Can Laser Liposuction Get Rid of A Double Chin?

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Many people struggle with a double chin. Also called submental fullness, excess fat in the chin area is caused by factors such as aging, weight gain, genetics, and poor posture. One of the best ways to address this concern is by getting liposuction. Today, double chin liposuction in NYC is a minimally-invasive procedure performed using the laser-assisted Smartlipo Triplex workstation. So, can laser liposuction really get rid of a double chin? It can. Let’s see how.

The Smartlipo Triplex workstation is an effective and safe FDA-approved lipolysis device that features three powerful laser wavelengths – 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm. The device delivers laser energy directly to the targeted area, liquefies the excess fat and facilitates its easy removal. The treatment also coagulates the tissues and tightens the skin. The device’s unique intelligent delivery systems – SmartSense™, ThermaGuide™ and ThermaView™ ensure controlled energy delivery and prevent overtreatment.

When performed by an expert surgeon, Smartlipo chin liposuction is an ideal option for double chin reduction. It provides excellent results by firming the jaw line, improving the appearance of neck, rejuvenating your face and re-contouring the neck and jowls.

Unlike conventional liposuction surgery which uses general anesthesia, Smartlipo double chin laser liposuction in NYC needs only local anesthesia. Minimally-invasive laser liposuction is also far less traumatic as it involves only tiny incisions to insert the small cannula of the Smartlipo device. The procedure comes with little pain and downtime and provides excellent outcomes for the right candidate. Moreover, traditional chin liposuction surgery can only get rid of excess fat and leaves behind loose, sagging skin. Smartlipo laser liposuction comes with superior skin tightening properties and offers superior results with less downtime and recovery time. Typically, patients can get back to their work and day-to-day activities within a few days.

The key benefits of double chin laser liposuction in NYC include:

  • Performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia
  • Needs only tiny incisions
  • Targets the excess fat safely and precisely
  • Prevents overtreatment with its intelligent delivery systems
  • Reduced surgical trauma
  • Minimal pain, bleeding and discomfort
  • Post-op period much easier to handle than conventional liposuction surgery

However, even if the procedure is minimally-invasive, not everyone is a good candidate for double chin laser liposuction. Individuals considering this procedure should be carefully evaluated by a reliable plastic surgeon to determine if their aesthetic goals can be achieved. Generally, chin liposuction in NYC is a suitable option for candidates who are healthy and have a good facial structure and firm muscles. Patients who have loose extra skin can improve outcomes with a chin tuck along with their liposuction treatment. In a chin tuck, the excess fat and skin is removed surgically and the skin is pulled tautly across the neck.

Laser liposuction comes with slight swelling and bruising, which will subside soon. Patients who feel well enough after the procedure should be able to get back to their normal routine within three days when the swelling has lessened, and many recover fully in a week. However, patients would need to avoid strenuous activities and exercises for at least a month following chin liposuction in NYC, as any vigorous movements can aggravate the healing process. Smartlipo laser liposuction results will be visible in a few weeks’ time.

When performed by a skilled liposuction surgeon, Smartlipo is one of the best techniques to achieve a sleek, well-defined, attractive chin and jaw line. So, if you are considering double chin laser liposuction in NYC, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility that has liposuction surgeon who are experts in performing the procedure. This can make a big difference to your outcome. Moreover, in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice, you can expect end-to-end care and support all through the treatment and until you have fully recovered.

But traditional liposuction – even if it can remove unwanted fat under the chin – requires long recovery time general anesthesia and most importantly involves long incisions under the ears, in the chin, and even in the mouth. As a result, many hesitate to go under the knife. Fortunately,


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