Circumferential Arm Liposuction: How It Differs

by | Published on Apr 11, 2016 | Arm Liposuction

Smartlipo arm liposuction provided at select plastic surgery practices in NYC is a popular procedure among women because it helps to get rid of the stubborn fat pockets and achieve shapelier arms. This is one of the difficult areas to treat for excess fat, and diet and exercise can do very little to help. That is why many women are opting for the targeted liposuction. Circumferential arm liposuction is an innovative approach followed by skilled plastic surgeons to overcome the limitations of the traditional method and achieve maximal aesthetic results. The normal method involves reducing the excess sagging skin and fat in the upper arms, tightening the underlying tissue and improving the disproportionate appearance of the arms to offer a smoother, tighter upper arm contour. Let us see what is different in the new approach.

The surgeon would check the patient in dynamic positions and make her turn the arm, raise the arm and ask to flex in different positions. This is to see whether any areas need further sculpting to get the desired outcome. According to a Healio report, a leading surgeon has discussed this technique and results during a presentation at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Annual Scientific Meeting. He has worked with as many as 10 positions with each patient and is constantly coming up with additional poses and positions to work different muscles and discover the patient’s unique muscular size and placement. According to him, the procedure can get completed in roughly 3 hours on both arms. The results can be seen mostly around 2 weeks. There are chances of hyperpigmentation which fades over time and the scarring would be minimal.

In a 2012 PubMed journal, a varied approach to circumferential arm liposuction is discussed. The anatomic consideration of the body’s fatty layers is essential for better aesthetic results and that was the idea behind the new approach. The three-dimensional circumferential liposuction helped achieve a straightened inferior brachial border and a more slender body contour with minimal complications. Importantly, the limitations of traditional upper arm liposuction were overcome and the candidates were able to achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Established plastic surgery facilities in NYC use the advanced Smartlipo Triplex work station to get the best out of the procedure possibilities. You have to find the right liposuction surgeon to experience a safe and optimal outcome.

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