Does Smartlipo Laser Liposuction Treatment Hurt?

by | Published on Oct 9, 2017 | Laser Liposuction

More and more people are opting to have body contouring treatments to look attractive, and enhance self image and confidence. This is the main reason for the rising demand for liposuction is that it can address various physical appearances issues to some extent. Laser liposuction is a popular option among both men and women as it can effectively remove excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Though offers efficiency, safety and excellent outcomes, one common concern prospective patients have is whether laser liposuction hurts and how it will affect the body.

Expert surgeons say that the age and health of the patient are important factors in determining candidature for laser liposuction. It is important to understand that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. The procedure is performed using the minimally-invasive FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation which has a tiny cannula. As the incisions made to insert the cannula are very small, the procedure involves less surgical trauma and is less painful than traditional liposuction. Patients are administered local anesthesia and remain awake during the treatment. The procedure allows targeted fat reduction utilizing three unique wavelengths (1064nm, 1320nm, 1440nm).

The key benefits of Smartlipo laser liposuction are:

  • Minimally invasive treatment that requires only local anesthesia
  • Minimal swelling, bruising and pain
  • Effective skin tightening and contouring of both large and delicate areas
  • Surrounding tissues are not destroyed
  • Reduced surgical trauma and minimal downtime
  • Fast recovery

Regarding pain, Smartlipo is not painful if performed by an expert with experience in doing this operation under local anesthesia. So if you intend to have laser liposuction, make sure you interview your plastic surgeon to understand their expertise in handling Smartlipo Triplex. A reliable surgeon will also perform a detailed evaluation first to learn if you are a good candidate before recommending the treatment.

With less pain and less down time, permanent removal of stubborn fat, and superior skin tightening effects, laser liposuction in NYC is an ideal solution for healthy men and women. However, maintaining a stable body weight is important for the results to last.

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