Enhance Masculinity with Liposuction in Manhattan, NYC

by | Published on Mar 30, 2016 | Liposuction Surgery

Just like women, men also have the desire to look their best. Big muscles, chiseled jaw lines and rock-hard abs are the typical stereotypes of masculinity. These looks are now attainable with liposuction in Manhattan, NYC that helps men achieve their cosmetic goals and also gain self-confidence and self-esteem.

Men undergo tedious workouts and exercises but stubborn fat that is diet and exercise resistant often settles down in different parts of the body. Moreover, as one gets older it becomes very difficult to get rid of the excess stubborn fat accumulating in the body. Sedentary lifestyle, genetics and many other factors can prevent you from owning a well-contoured, better-toned body. In such cases, liposuction is an effective solution to remove the stubborn fat and provide you an athletic look. Different parts of the body such as the abdomen, waist, thighs and chest are the common areas that can be treated effectively.

Liposuction with Smartlipo Triplex

Smartlipo Triplex is a workstation that uses laser energy to remove excess fat. This device utilizes three unique laser wavelengths – 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm – that liquefy stubborn fat and tighten the skin. This is an innovative technology that gets rid of excess fat with minimal bleeding or discomfort. The procedure also coagulates tissue and ensures skin tightening to provide a more toned look. This effective body contouring device also comes equipped with Thermaguide temperature monitoring capabilities which prevent over treatment, burns and other complications.

Men can opt for hi-def liposuction of the abdomen that improves the muscle definition, providing a sculpted look. Apart from enhancing your masculinity, the procedure gives you a flat tummy. A skilled plastic surgeon would sculpt the abs, the biceps and triceps to provide improved muscle definition. This laser liposuction helps in speedy fat reduction, and patients undergoing this minimally invasive technique experience quicker results, fewer complications and minimum recovery time.

A more precise body sculpting technique, Smartlipo liposuction can thus be used to improve the overall contour of the body and enhance your masculinity. It is generally designed to remove fat deposits located in the abdomen, hips, outer and inner thighs, face, jowls, neck and chest,  and accentuate the natural lines and muscles.

Advantages of Innovative Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction in NYC offers the following benefits:

  • Can be provided under local anesthesia
  • High definition sculpting capabilities
  • Less pain and bruising
  • Quick recovery
  • Less treatment time
  • Promotes tissue coagulation with skin tightening

Men who are near their ideal weight are ideal candidates for this liposuction procedure. So if you want to attain a slimmer body, start working out and consider liposuction if you have attained a stable and healthy weight. Also, approach an experienced surgeon who can help you achieve your aesthetic goals without any risks or complication.

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