Fat Grafting Possibilities: Why Fat is Not Always Bad

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Fat Transfer/Fat Grafting

Men and women often complain about the excess fat pockets in different body areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. However, advanced fat grafting procedures provided at Manhattan plastic surgery practices find good use for this excess fat. Fat transfer procedure involves removing fat from body areas where you have it in excess using liposuction, processing and purifying it and injecting it into areas that need enhancement. As you age, surplus fat may get deposited in areas where you don’t want it such as the hips, thighs and arms and you may lose volume in areas where you prefer it such as the breasts, buttocks and face. This advanced technique helps to transfer the fat from one area to another and achieve the desired youthful body contour.

Fat loss results in drooping in the mid-face region and the fat transfer process can restore a youthful facial contour and fullness. This method produces longer-lasting results compared to fillers and the results look and feel natural as your own body fat is used. Those bothered about laugh lines, smile lines, crow’s-feet or sunken areas of the face, lips, and cheeks can benefit from the treatment.

The other common areas that can be enhanced using the process are the breasts and buttocks. For the buttocks, Brazilian butt lift is the most trending procedure now, which uses the patient’s own body fat to improve the size and shape of the derriere. These are minimally invasive procedures and can avoid implant-related complications. Those women who are looking for a subtle improvement for the bust line can choose fat transfer breast augmentation.

A healthy individual who is a non-smoker with realistic goals and expectations and who has enough fat to spare is a candidate for the procedure. The chances of allergic reactions to foreign substances can be avoided when choosing this method.

Despite the efficiency of the procedure, what matters most is the skill and expertise of a qualified surgeon. It needs a lot of experience to extract and re-inject fat creating issues such as lumps or sagging. Maintaining utmost precision matters a lot for a safe and attractive outcome. So choose the right plastic surgeon in Manhattan who is skilled and experienced in the procedure to benefit from a safe fat grafting procedure and excellent outcomes.

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