Gynecomastia Treatment using Smartlipo Triplex – Who is a Good Candidate?

by | Published on May 4, 2016 | Gynecomastia /Male Breast Reduction

Safe and effective gynecomastia treatment is available in NYC for men looking to resolve the problem of excessive breast development. The condition could be the result ofhormonal changes, heredity, obesity, use of certain drugs or Gilbert’s syndrome. NY plastic surgeons offer minimally-invasive liposuction procedures to address the condition and help men achieve a well-defined chest and physique. The treatment is performed using the FDA- approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation. The procedure can effectively remove excess fat and tissue and tighten the skin for an attractive outcome. However, not all men are good candidates for the procedure. Let’s look at the considerations that determine a person’s candidature for this plastic surgery procedure.

Men who are dissatisfied with their overdeveloped breasts due to excessive breast tissue and skin can go in for the treatment if they satisfy the following conditions:

  • Should have first sought medical treatment for the underlying cause of gynecomastia
  • Are in good health with no serious medical condition
  • Understand that liposuction is not a weight loss surgery and are close to their ideal body weight
  • Weight has been stable and not fluctuating for a period of 6 months before the surgery

A good plastic surgeon who is specialized in gynecomastia treatment would perform a comprehensive evaluation during the initial consultation to determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure. Once you are cleared for the procedure, the surgeon will provide you with guidance and instructions to prepare you for the treatment. Patients are advised to refrain from smoking about two weeks before and after the treatment.

For safe procedures and optimal outcomes, make sure you choose the right NYC plastic surgeon and facility. An AAAASF-accredited surgical practice with surgeons who are experienced in this male liposuction procedure is the best option.

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