How can High Definition Laser Liposuction Transform Your Body?

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Americans today are spending more money than ever before on cosmetic surgery. High definition laser liposuction in Manhattan is one of the most popular procedures among both men and women. This unique ultrasound liposuction technique elevates conventional lipo to a new level. High-def laser liposuction selectively eliminates excess fat to reveal the underlying musculature. This minimally invasive procedure is an ideal option to sculpt the abdomen, arms, thighs, and belly, and more, and reshape the whole body.

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How Does High Definition Laser Liposuction in Manhattan Work?

Leading NYC plastic surgeons perform high-definition laser liposuction using the minimally invasive Smartlipo Triplex workstation. This advanced, FDA-approved workstation has unique features that enable precise body sculpting. It can effectively slim, sculpt and tone areas of various body, including the belly, legs, chin, arms, neck, jawline, knees, and love handles. The FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation is designed to liquefy targeted fat, allowing the surgeon to remove it easily. It combines three laser wavelengths (1440, 1064, and 1320 nm) that can be utilized separately or combined into a single output. With this laser-assisted platform, even the most delicate and sensitive regions of the body can be treated safely and precisely. The device also has sophisticated delivery technologies which monitor skin temperature and adjust energy flow to prevent overtreatment.

Hi-def lipo is the right option for you if you’re currently in good shape but want to remove those small bits of unwanted fat to achieve that well-defined, sculpted appearance.

Benefits of High Definition laser Liposuction

High Definition laser Liposuction

Recovery and Results after High-Definition Laser Liposuction

As Smartlipo treatment can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia, it comes with quicker recovery than traditional liposuction surgery. The recovery period is generally two to three weeks. To reduce post-surgical swelling, patients should wear the compression garment as instructed by their surgeon. High impact activities including jogging and bouncing activities should be avoided for up to six weeks. Final results are most noticeable 2-4 months following hi-def lipo and will continue to improve as the body starts healing. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are important to maintain the results.

How Hi-Def Laser Liposuction is Unique

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One of the key benefits of high-definition laser liposuction it allows for gentle fat removal by liquefying the fat before it is removed. Laser energy also enables efficient contouring, and enhances the tone and definition of the entire physique. You’ll see your skin gradually improving and your muscles becoming more defined in the months that follow the procedure, resulting in a toned, athletic-looking body.

Candidates should be at or close to their desired weight. It works well for people who are thin but have stubborn pockets of fat in the arms, thighs, waist, flanks, calves, ankles, etc. Hi-def lipo can help men achieve 6-pack abs and women to achieve a trim, athletic-looking body.

Hi definition laser liposuction in Manhattan is a safe, minimally invasive procedure to achieve a sculpted body. If you are considering the procedure, choose an experienced liposuction surgeon who has the artistic skill required to deliver attractive outcomes. In a plastic surgery facility with AAAASF accreditation, you are assured standardized care, safety and dedicated follow-up till full recovery.

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