How Long Do You Need to Wear a Compression Garment after Arm Liposuction?

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Arm Liposuction

Your arms may appear saggy if you have too much skin and fat in the upper arms. With liposuction on arms in Manhattan, you can have contoured arms with minimal downtime. Many patients are constantly worried about how long it will take to recuperate after their liposuction procedure. Using a compression garment is the greatest recovery strategy for arm liposuction patients.

What Is a Compression Garment and How Long Should You Wear it?

To speed up the recovery process following liposuction, a compression garment is frequently worn right away. It helps support the body’s recovery in a secure, efficient, and pleasant manner. Many variations of compression clothing are available. Depending on where the incision sites are, full-body clothing, shirts, and sleeves are all options. These garments are beneficial for promoting blood flow, managing any swelling, and promoting recovery. The swelling is reduced by applying external pressure to the body parts where incisions were made.

The nature of your liposuction surgery, the volume of fat removed, and the individual healing rate all affect how long you should wear your compression garment. Plastic surgeons frequently advise wearing the compression sleeve around the arm twenty-four hours a day for two to four weeks. After that, you can wear it for another six weeks or as long as it still feels secure and comfortable.

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Advantages of Wearing a Compression Garment

Compression garments are among the most important post-surgery components in a recovery that is problem-free and yields the finest results. It is vital that you wear your compression garment after liposuction properly in addition to following the doctor’s instructions.

  • Eases post-operative discomfort – The compression garment applies consistent pressure over the surgical site to keep everything in place, which reduces post-operative discomfort.
  • Lessens swelling – Patients who have had liposuction may have swelling that might linger for several weeks. Using a compression garment can assist in avoiding fluid buildup and speed up your body’s ability to absorb any fluid that starts to accumulate.
  • Helps with body contouring – After liposuction, wearing the appropriate compression garment will help your body adjust to the new contour. The likelihood of developing lax or wrinkled skin will be significantly reduced, and your ultimate results will be smoother and tighter. Many patients believe that wearing the clothes also helps them stand more upright.
  • Reduces bruising – Bruising is common following liposuction but varies from patient to patient in terms of intensity and duration. By applying regular pressure to the injured blood vessels, halting further bleeding, and directing extra blood away from the skin’s surface where it is more noticeable, compression clothing will help reduce bruising.
  • Faster healing– It reduces the stress on the scars as they heal, which speeds up healing and makes the scars appear fainter.

Compression garments are created with the assistance of plastic surgeons to guarantee their effectiveness and safety. To reduce swelling and discomfort and promote healing, a patient must wear post-liposuction compression garment.

What Happens if You Don’t Wear a Compression Garment?

You run the risk of unpleasant side effects if you do not use your compression garment after liposuction, or if you do not wear it as directed. These risks include:

  • bruising, swelling, scarring
  • infection
  • longer recovery time
  • negative aesthetic results such as indentations, ridges, or ripples in your skin

Despite the fact that wearing compression clothing after liposuction may be a little uncomfortable, it will be worthwhile and also helps to achieve desired results.

If you’re thinking about getting upper arm liposuction in Manhattan then make sure to look for an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility with skilled cosmetic surgeons. At the consultation, the use of the compression garment will be explained thoroughly along with everything else pertaining to the post-surgical period. Moreover, be careful to go over your specific concerns, objectives, and options with your surgeon because doing so will help you make the right decision.

Recover from Arm Liposuction in Manhattan Quickly

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