How to Take Care After Liposuction Surgery for a Better Outcome

by | Published on Feb 4, 2015 | Liposuction Surgery

Are you looking for a well-contoured body that will help you look great in your favorite outfits? Are stubborn fat deposits resistant to exercise and diet causing you considerable distress? Advanced liposuction surgery can help meet your goals with minimal complications and downtime. Laser liposuction using FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex is a popular and effective aesthetic procedure. However, you need to strictly follow the instructions of your liposuction surgeon to ensure an optimal outcome. Here are some important after care instructions commonly recommended by experienced surgeons.

  • Consider getting the assistance of a companion for the first two days after the surgery to help you with your daily activities
  • Light movements are recommended right from the second day to avoid blood clots
  • Taking deep breaths frequently for the first few days would help to make your lungs clear
  • Begin with a light diet on the first day, say liquid items and gradually increase it to normal diet in two days or so
  • Pain medications and other medicines as instructed by the liposuction surgeon should be strictly consumed
  • Activities causing heavy strain have to be avoided for at least 3 weeks and other normal activities can be resumed in two weeks
  • Massage on the surgical sites can be started 2 weeks after the surgery to help increase circulation and lessen the hardness felt underneath the skin
  • Avoid contact such as that with your pets or unclean hands on the surgery site to avoid infection
  • Until it is completely healed, it is advisable to avoid exposing the affected area to the sun.

Making your home ready for post-operative care well before the day of liposuction surgery will help you easily follow your surgeon’s instructions. A good surgeon would be devoted to offering you optimal results in minimal time and give you relevant instructions to maintain the same. It is important also to meet your surgeon on the follow-up dates to get further instructions if any based on your progress, and speed up your recovery process.

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