Body Contouring Benefits are Not Just Physical But Emotional

by | Published on Feb 2, 2015 | Body Contouring

Body contouring procedures are a great option for men and women looking to resolve aesthetic concerns such as saggy skin and tissues after a major weight loss. While it is true that you get to enjoy physical benefits from body sculpting procedures, the rewards you could enjoy are more than just skin deep. You also experience emotional benefits that are very significant.

You may experience physical health benefits after weight loss. However, sudden and dramatic weight loss often leaves behind loose skin that gives you an aged and flabby appearance. This may make you self conscious and further lead to to depression and anxiety. This is where body contouring procedures become significant and their demand keeps on increasing. As the procedure restores their desired looks, their confidence level would of course show a considerable increase. A study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® reveals that all of the 58 participants went for body contouring surgery after weight-loss surgery, which substantiates this point.

The most performed body contouring procedures were upper and lower body lift, arm lift, thigh lift and tummy tuck. Liposuction was often supplemented with most of the procedures.

A suggestion from another study is that body contouring surgery after weight loss ought to be acknowledged as reconstructive more than cosmetic. This would also allow health insurance carriers to cover most part of the cost. If the procedure could really offer them emotional benefits, then such a provision would be a great help for people stepping back just because of financial worries.

A person’s ability to positively identify his/her body image and self-image plays an essential role in maintaining good mental health and enhanced self-esteem. This means that emotional benefits are very much related to a surgery result. Women receiving mommy makeovers to restore their youthful looks, men having breast reduction to enhance their masculine appearance, and certain women having breast reduction to resolve embarrassment due to overly large breasts are perfect examples.

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