How To Prepare For Laser Liposuction

by | Published on Oct 29, 2021 | Laser Liposuction

Many people struggling with stubborn fat pockets in various body areas are opting to get laser liposuction in Manhattan, NYC to address the concern. This minimally-invasive procedure is performed using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex laser workstation. When performed by expert plastic surgeons, laser liposuction helps men and women achieve a well-shaped body by effectively removing stubborn fat pockets from areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and so on.

Laser liposuction requires only local anesthesia, involves minimal pain and discomfort, and does not have any serious side effects. However, it is important that you consult the best plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing the procedure. After determining that you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, your surgeon will provide you with pre-op instructions. Following these guidelines diligently is important for a comfortable surgical experience and to maximize your results.

 Laser Liposuction

Follow these pre-op guidelines and enjoy your body contouring results. If you are planning to get laser liposuction in New York City, it’s important to choose a surgeon who has extensive experience in performing the procedure. In a AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility, you can expect a safe experience and quality care for the best results.

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