Initial Consultation a Key Step Before Aesthetic Surgery

by | Published on Sep 16, 2014 | Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery

More and more men and women are taking advantage of the possibilities offered by cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance and boost self-confidence. There are many advanced options available to help people achieve their aesthetic goals and making the right choice is crucial. The initial consultation plays a critical role in the choice of the surgeon and the procedure. It is also the time when the surgeon assesses your expectations about the outcome, makes sure they are realistic, and develops a customized treatment plan to meet your goals.

Here are some things to keep in mind during your initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon.

  • You need to do your home work before your consultation. Read up on the treatment you are looking for in a reputable plastic surgery site such as that of the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS), This will help you learn about the available options. You can also visit the surgeon’s website to know about his credentials and check out patient testimonials and feedback, and view before and after photos.
  • Before you decide to proceed with this surgeon, get a second opinion. You can talk to a patient who has had the same procedure, and see whether or not they are satisfied with their results.
  • If you are confident enough to proceed, then visit the facility with a set of well prepared questions to ask the surgeon. Take your medical records with you. There are many reliable websites that list relevant questions. It’s important that the surgeon listens to your concerns and can give you satisfactory answers to your questions. It is necessary to clearly understand the procedure, details about recovery, and the outcome you can expect.
  • Even if you are aware of the surgeon’s credentials from the website, you should ask about his skills and experience in performing the procedure you are interested in.

You can also ask about costs as elective surgery is not covered by insurance. Established practices offer convenient financing options.

Preparing well for your initial consultation goes a long way in ensuring your safety and getting value for money.

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