Is Loose Skin Normal after Laser Liposuction?

by | Aug 7, 2017 | Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction in NYC helps men and women get rid of stubborn localized deposits of fat and achieve a slimmer, well-shaped body. It is the ideal option when diet and exercise fail to work to eliminate excess fat. The procedure is performed using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation. The procedure usually offers good skin tightening effects, though some patients report having loose skin after laser liposuction.

Expert plastic surgeons say that there are two reasons why loose skin may be seen after laser lipo. First, laser-assisted liposuction can help tighten mild to moderate loose skin but not severe sagging skin. Second, the procedure is more effective in patients who have good skin elasticity, which means that older patients may not experience optimal tightening effects. In fact, some surgeons recommend that those who have sagging skin after the procedure would benefit from having a lift. For example, if an older patient has arm liposuction and has loose skin left behind, an arm lift could tighten the sagging skin.

Smartlipo laser liposuction works using high-intensity laser energy to liquefy fat, which allows it to be easily removed. Smartlipo Triplex technology allows targeted fat reduction utilizing its three unique wavelengths (1064nm, 1320nm, 1440nm). These three laser wavelengths features are combined to disrupt the fat cells and coagulate tissue, allowing tissue retraction. It stimulates collagen production to tighten the skin, providing good results in patients with mild to moderate skin laxity. It actually tightens the skin from the inside, thus avoiding the need for any skin removal. By customizing the wavelengths based on the treatment and patient type, the technique allows reliable and controlled energy delivery. Important facts of laser liposuction are:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive and requires only local anaesthesia
  • Effective skin tightening and contouring of delicate areas is possible
  • Reduced surgical trauma and minimal downtime
  • Fast recovery

Smartlipo in NYC has quicker healing time than the conventional lipo. While the downtime after the procedure can vary from patient to patient, the initial healing period can be a couple of days. As everyone is unique, it’s important to listen to your body and follow your plastic surgeon’s recommendations to experience optimal outcomes. Having the right guidance is very important with regard to Smartlipo liposuction as with any other surgical procedure. In an AAAASF-accredited facility with expert surgeons, you can expect optimal outcomes, individualized care, and dedicated follow-ups.

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