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Is Smartlipo a Reliable Option to Reduce Banana Rolls?

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Smartlipo laser liposuction at an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility is an ideal option to resolve excess fat in various parts of the body that is resistant to diet and exercise. Many discussions in online forums pertain to whether Smartlipo is a good option to reduce banana rolls, the unwanted pockets of fat below the buttock crease. Some plastic surgeons refer to this concern as the folding of skin caused due to the weight of the buttock and loose skin.

Experts say that, for the right candidates, Smartlipo can indeed be an effective solution for banana rolls. Removing that roll can greater definition between the top of the thighs and the buttocks. It is effective for revision liposuction. Smartlipo can also b combined with a fat transfer procedure for patients who want buttock enhancement. Here, the upper part of the thighs is reduced and fat removed is then injected into the derriere to improve shape and volume.

Pairing the Smartlipo procedure with fat transfer is recommended because just removing fat from the targeted area takes away some support from the buttock crease, causing the overlying buttock muscle and soft tissue to sag. Done carefully, these procedures would provide perkier buttocks and reduction of the banana rolls, leading to a smooth, proportionate backside. Women who want only reduction of banana rolls will benefit from a subtly performed minimally-invasive laser lipo procedure.

Unlike traditional liposuction, FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex liposuction offers an optimal fat reduction and skin tightening with minimal downtime and risks. However, it very important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon to perform such procedures, as only an expert can provide optimal results. Over-liposuction of fat from the area can damage the ligaments. Experienced surgeons will be careful to not to do any aggressive suctioning, while performing liposuction on thighs or back.

Results will last only if patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight gain after the procedure can diminish the results you have achieved. It is also important that you have realistic expectations about the outcomes.


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