Liposuction for Men And Women: What’s The Difference?

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Laser Liposuction

It was once believed that plastic surgery was exclusively for women. However, these misconceptions have been shattered and more and more men are opting to get cosmetic treatments such as laser liposuction to meet their aesthetic goals. Laser liposuction for men in New York City gets rid of unwanted fat and helps men achieves a trimmer, well-shaped body. Reliable plastic surgery facilities use advanced liposuction fat removal techniques to provide safe and effective treatment to meet patient goals.

Liposuction – the gold standard for unwanted fat pockets that persist despite a healthy diet and exercise – is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures in the US. Fundamentally, liposuction is same for both men and women and helps them get rid of unwanted fat and attain a trimmer, attractive physique. However, there are certain differences in the issues addressed and approaches for men vs women.

  • More Dense Fat in Men: Generally, fat pockets in men are denser than in women. These thick fibrous fat deposits stick close to the layer over the muscle, making separation and removal more challenging. An expert plastic surgeon can handle these male liposuction challenges effectively and provide good results.
  • Sculpting and Definition: Generally, women consider lipo to create a slimmer and trimmer overall contour. Men are more interested in revealing muscle definition for a toned appearance. So while male liposuction removes stubborn fat pockets from various body areas, the focus is on sculpting/contouring and defining certain body features. Hi def liposuction, for instance, is designed to provide men with six-pack abs.
  • Treatment Sites: Common liposuction sites for men include the chest, abdomen, arms, and chin/neck. The procedure is also used to improve gynecomastia. Common treatment sites for female liposuction include the abdomen, hips, love handles, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Amount of Fat Removed: Generally, male liposuction involves less fat removal as they are less interested in looking thin and are more interested in achieving a toned, muscular look. In male hi def liposuction, only small amounts of fat overlying muscles or obscuring body contours are removed to provide the desired outcome.
  • Recovery Process: For both men and women, recovery from liposuction treatment will vary based on individual considerations. The recovery process after liposuction may differ slightly among the genders depending on the type of work they perform. Men who may have more strenuous jobs would need more time to recover and resume their activity. Women may also see similar recovery recommendations if their job requires demanding physical activity. Overall, it’s important for men and women to understand what their recovery process will involve. To get an idea of how much time off from work you’ll need, discuss your healing and recovery time with your plastic surgeon during the initial consultation. Following the guidelines that your surgeon provides can help you heal safely after your liposuction treatment.

There are diverse lipo treatment options for men and women designed to address their specific aesthetic concerns. Technological advancements have made liposuction less traumatic. For instance, minimally invasive laser liposuction treatment comes with far less complications and downtime than traditional liposuction surgery. Laser liposuction performed using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation is one of the most popular minimally invasive body contouring options available today.

Whether you are looking for traditional liposuction or laser liposuction in New York City, approach an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that has skilled and experienced liposuction surgeons. Though there are differences in how some liposuction procedures are performed on men and women, a skilled surgeon can help patients achieve outstanding results.

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