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Neck Liposuction – Important Post-Operative Instructions

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The appearance of neck plays a crucial role in a person’s overall appearance. Excess fat and visible bands in the neck area caused by genetics, aging and weight gain can make you look older than you really are. Exercise and diet can help to some extent, but often fail to provide the desired results. Fortunately, there’s a more effective and long-lasting solution using FDA-approved, laser-assisted device – neck laser liposuction in NYC. This minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure performed using the Smartlipo workstation is a great option for men and women seeking to improve the signs of neck aging and restore a more youthful appearance.

Neck laser liposuction provides attractive outcomes for the right candidate. Though the procedure is minimally-invasive, proper post-operative care is necessary for optimal results. You need to take proper care of the incision areas as infection and scarring can affect results. Here’s a guide to post-liposuction care following neck liposuction.

  • Get plenty of rest. Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated.
  • After surgery, there will be some pain and discomfort and this should be controlled with pain medications. Some swelling and bruising is common in the treated area, but these side effects will subside soon.
  • Pain medications should be taken as prescribed. Do not take aspirin or any products containing aspirin unless approved by your surgeon.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol consumption till recovery. Smoking delays healing and increases the risk of complications and alcohol consumption can cause fluid retention.
  • Keep your head elevated at all times for the first week of recovery. When resting, elevate your head above your heart the first 3 days after surgery – this will help decrease swelling. Sleeping sitting up is not necessary, and an extra pillow or two is usually all that is needed.
  • Use cold compresses during the first 24-48 hours to deal with swelling. But remember not to directly apply ice to the treated area.
  • Wear an elastic compression collar around the neck and jaw line area for a period of up to 6 weeks following surgery for optimal results.
  • Avoid bending, lifting or straining the neck area until complete recovery.
  • Regular massage during the recovery phase may help with the draining process and speed up healing.
  • There will only be minimal scarring once you recover, which is assured by the efficient features of the device.
  • Shower at least once a day and keep the incisions clean and inspect daily for signs of infection.
  • Make sure the dressing in the incision area is smooth and snug against the skin to minimize risks of contour irregularities and/or fluid collection formations.
  • To reduce swelling and lower the chance of blood clots, start walking soon after the procedure. Avoid strenuous exercise and activities for 3-4 weeks.
  • Do not drive until you have stopped taking pain medications. Have someone drive you home after surgery and help you at home for 1-2 days.
  • Most patients return to work in about 2 weeks.
  • Avoid exposing scars to sun for at least 12 months.

Speed to heal and recovery after neck liposuction will differ among patients based on individual considerations. However, in most cases, final results are evident at 6 months after procedure. While the results are long-lasting, weight gain after the surgery can affect them. So it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for long-lasting results.

Manhattan laser liposuction surgery is performed by experienced plastic surgeons. Only experts can provide optimal results for neck liposuction. A reliable surgeon will evaluate your concerns and provide personalized treatment to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Undergoing treatment in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility is important for your safety and superior quality care every step of the way.



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