What Are the Benefits of Abdominal Laser Liposuction?

by | Published on Aug 19, 2019 | Abdominal Liposuction/Stomach Liposuction

Excess fat can accumulate in the abdominal area due to factors such as heredity, aging, pregnancy, weight gain or hormonal changes. This is a common aesthetic concern among both men and women. A popular cosmetic surgical procedure, abdominal liposuction in NYC helps men and women of all ages to achieve a trimmer, attractive tummy, when diet and exercises fail to provide the desired results. This minimally-invasive procedure is performed using the Smartlipo Triplex device. It removes unwanted fat beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscle wall, while simultaneously tightening the overlying skin to provide a trimmer, well-shaped abdomen.

Say goodbye to unwanted abdominal fat and hello to a trimmer tummy!

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Abdominal Liposuction Advantages

Abdominal Liposuction

The FDA approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation uses an optimal blend of three laser wavelengths 1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm to melt the excess fat before removing it from the body. The system also comes with intelligent delivery systems – SmartSense™, ThermaGuide™ and ThermaView™ – that monitor and regulate temperature to maintain safe levels of treatment.

The surgeon will first mark the area to be treated and numb it with local anesthesia. The small cannula of the device is then inserted under the skin through a small incision and laser energy will be delivered to target the unwanted fat cells, causing them to liquefy. This liquefied fat is then gently suctioned out.

The procedure usually is completed in an hour, though this depends on individual considerations. There is less bleeding, swelling and bruising than in traditional liposuction. The procedure is performed using local anesthesia and most patients return home on the same day. It reduces treatment time and patient downtime and offers faster healing and quick recovery. Taking care of your incisions and following your surgeon’s instructions diligently can speed the healing process.

Check out this infographic to learn more about how Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction works.

Most patients are back to their normal activities in 24-48 hours. There may be some minor swelling which is normal and will subside soon. You may be asked to wear a compression garment 24×7 for the first 3 weeks post-op and after that, at night for another 3 weeks. Wearing the compression garment will help reduce bleeding and swelling, and minimize the risk of seroma (fluid accumulation that can occur in the body after surgery).

Final results will become visible within six months after the procedure or after the body has completely healed. As results may vary based on individual considerations, you should have realistic expectations.

Who is a Good Candidate?

To be a good candidate for abdomen liposuction, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Are over 18 years of age
  • Have localized fat deposits in the abdomen/tummy region that are resistant to diet and regular exercise
  • Have healthy skin with good elasticity
  • Are in good general health, without any underlying medical conditions
  • Are close to your ideal body weight
  • Do not smoke
  • Have realistic expectations about the outcome

However, the success of the abdomen liposuction depends on the factors such as age, history of weight gain and weight loss, history of pregnancy, amount and location of abdominal fat and sex of the patient.

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Make sure you consult a qualified plastic surgeon with experience in performing abdominal liposuction in NYC. A reliable surgeon will evaluate your concerns and create an individualized treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

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