Are New Low-Tech Products an Alternative to Advanced Cosmetic Surgery?

by | Oct 21, 2014 | Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery

We are in the age where facial beauty has social and economic implications – your looks can influence how society sees you and physical attractiveness is often associated with upward economic mobility. Older adults are trying to reverse the signs of ageing while the younger generation is looking to improve their looks to attract attention or emulate a favorite idol.

The well-informed do the right thing. They approach a professional plastic surgery practice offering cosmetic and reconstructive procedures where an experienced plastic surgeon can help them achieve their goals safely and effectively. However, a recent report discusses the rising popularity of new low-tech devices which claim to be an effective alternative to expensive plastic surgery. The market for these products is catching on in Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China where individuals are driven by the fad to conform to Western standards of beauty to improve economic opportunities and social standing. Everyone knows how popular CBS anchor Julie Chen underwent double eyelid surgery to improve her career prospects.

The low-tech products offered in the market include face slimmer, scalp stretcher, nose lift, anti-aging mask, double-fold eyelids, nose slimmer, and smile trainer. All claim to offer what cosmetic surgery offers – without the operation and associated expenses. But cosmetic surgeons are warning people about using such products, saying that they are a waste of money and that the claims made are false and would result in infections, permanent scars, or other irreversible facial deformities and not the desired results.

It is all about your health, looks and future. So you are not supposed to settle for a cheap product or service by a non-professional. If you are considering plastic surgery, do your research well. Find a plastic surgeon who is trained and experienced in the procedure you want and can provide you with customized treatment to improve your looks without compromising on your safety.

There are proven surgical facelifts and minimally invasive laser face lifts that can take years off your face. A laser face lift is ideal to achieve the following goals

  • Well-defined facial contour
  • Restoring youthful curves in neck
  • Redefined facial and chin contour
  • Minimize sagging and wrinkles
  • Remove jowls and sharpens jaw line definition

Think twice before making the decision to alter your appearance and learn all you can about the cosmetic surgery options available before you go ahead.

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