Reports Indicate Rise in Procedures for Excess Skin Removal and Liposuction

by | Mar 25, 2015 | Liposuction Surgery

Cosmetic surgery trends keep on changing every year and these vary with gender, age and geographic location. Recent reports show that procedures for excess skin removal and liposuction are on the rise, especially in the UK. This trend is seen particularly among those who had pursued massive weight loss goals. This group of people typically sought liposuction or excess skin removal to shed those last few pounds subsequent to losing a significant amount of weight. This is evident from the statistics released by a recent survey by Mintel, a London-based market research firm.

The report indicates that 22 percent of the people surveyed fall in this category. The government and health organizations are all advising overweight and obese people to try to lose weight for their own wellbeing and a better quality of life. The availability of advanced cosmetic procedures is of course welcome and a motivating factor for them to initiate their weight loss plans – in other words, they have something exciting to aim for that would help them achieve their aesthetic goals once they have lost the extra pounds.

Let us look at some interesting aspects related to the above mentioned survey.

  • The waistline is the top body concern with 40 per cent of adults
  • Half of the survey participants had already had a cosmetic surgery and the resultant boost in self-esteem was quoted as their primary motivation
  • Liposuction is a consideration for 20 per cent of the surveyed people
  • Those who would consider undergoing excess skin removal come close to nearly 25 per cent of the participants

The positive outcomes ensured by liposuction urge many people to consider it after weight loss. Advanced procedures such as laser lipo using Smartlipo Triplex has the unique capability of targeted fat removal to get rid of those extra fatty deposits from practically all areas of the body. The last few pounds would be very hard to remove through exercise and diet, just as is the fat in some areas such as the arms and thighs. These areas of concern can be effectively handled with liposuction.

Traditional liposuction and other body contouring techniques may leave some excess saggy skin after fat removal, which makes people opt for skin removal procedures. However, with Smartlipo Triplex that offers skin tightening along with fat removal, individuals can enjoy multiple benefits in a single procedure.

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