Tips on How to Recover After Knee Liposuction Surgery

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Knee Liposuction

Factors such as aging, hormonal changes especially during pregnancy and weight gain cause fat to build up around the knees. The procedure involves removing stubborn fat on either side of the knees or behind the knees. Knee liposuction provides more definition to the knee cap, the front structures of the knee, the lower fibula area, and the calves. The procedure is typically done in conjunction with inner and outer thigh liposuction. Knee liposuction in NYC helps you achieve slimmer, well-shaped, attractive legs.

Skilled NYC plastic surgeons perform knee liposuction using Smartlipo Triplex. This minimally-invasive technology uses powerful lasers in three wavelengths to melt the fat for easier removal. The heat generated during the procedure also helps tighten the skin quickly. With this FDA approved laser-assisted device, patients experience minimal scarring, swelling, bleeding, bruising and pain. The procedure can be performed on an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. Other benefits of using Smartlipo Triplex include short treatment time and downtime, faster healing, and speedy recovery.

Each person’s recovery from knee liposuction is different and recovery time depends on many factors including the technique used, how you care for yourself following surgery, health status, and other factors. You have to follow your surgeon’s instructions to achieve a healthy speedy recovery and to avoid complications. Wearing a knee compression garment for about 10 days following surgery is essential to control swelling and to compress the skin to the new body contour. Here are some tips to speed up recovery after knee liposuction:

  • Keep your legs elevated using a pillow for a few days following treatment to minimize the swelling.
  • Use a cane to move around during the initial days to speed up the healing process.
  • Keep the bandages and wrappings clean and change them regularly to avoid chances of infection.
  • Lightly massage your lower legs from the ankle towards the knee a few times a day, for a few minutes to improve blood and lymphatic circulation in the area.
  • Perform light exercises like calf raises and heels lift every day.
  • Avoid bending your knees, running, and performing strenuous lower body exercise till you recover fully.
  • Take your medication on time and as advised by the surgeon.

Choosing a surgeon with extensive experience in performing knee liposuction and skill in utilizing advanced laser technology is crucial for a successful outcome. At an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practice, you can expect excellent treatment and follow-up care till full recovery.

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