Is a Minimum of Fat needed to be a Good Candidate for Smartlipo?

by | Published on Feb 26, 2018 | SmartLipo Triplex

Smartlipo NYC is a popular option to remove excess body fat and improve your appearance and self-confidence. Not everyone is a good candidate for the procedure. In fact, one of the common questions that potential patients ask surgeons on the RealSelf platform is about candidature for the liposuction treatment. One concern was whether one should have a minimum amount of fat to be a good candidate for Smartlipo. She clarifies that the reason for her question is that a very large percentage of women or men who are not satisfied with their liposuction results are those who were fit and at their ideal weight or near it. She says, “…in all the medical sites I have read those are the ideal candidates, and in the opposite way it seems that the more fat one has the better the outcome is, so I don’t know what to believe.”

Let’s see how expert plastic surgeons responded to her question, “Is there a minimum of fat you have to have to be a good candidate for Smartlipo?”

One expert confirmed that it was especially challenging to perform Smartlipo on thinner patients since the plastic surgeon has to be higher as there is little room for error. He says that High Definition Smart Lipo falls under this category and is a good example of a procedure where the skill of the plastic surgeon matters the most.

“It’s not the machine. It’s the operator behind it,” he says.

Another expert plastic surgeon also points out that while there are no specific minimums for undergoing liposuction or SmartLipo in particular, patients with less subcutaneous fat face a higher risk of post-operative contour deformities. He explains that for thinner patients, special care special care must be taken to avoid inadvertent contour irregularities by using precise techniques, smaller cannulas, and lower suction. According to him, patients with at least a “2-inch pinch” (of fat) can undergo liposuction with less risk “over-suction”, which can lead to unsightly dimpling.

Laser liposuction is minimally invasive procedure that helps men and women achieve a trimmer, toned, attractive body. The Smartlipo device utilizes three laser wavelengths (1064 nm, 1320 nm and 1440 nm) to liquefy fat prior to extraction and also tighten the skin. It can treat both large and small areas such as the hips, inner and outer thighs, arms, buttocks, waist, abdomen, back, face and neck. Its intelligent delivery systems allow the surgeon to monitor skin temperature and regulate the flow of energy, thereby minimizing risks of overtreatment.

However, this advanced technology can produce the desired results only if it is in the right hands. So if you are considering laser liposuction in NYC, find an expert surgeon who can confirm your candidature for the treatment and has the training, experience and skills to provide an optimal outcome.

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