How Long after Vaser Lipo Will I See Results?

by | Published on Feb 28, 2023 | Vaser Liposuction

When you’re up against age, genetics, and stubborn pockets of fat, the fight to reduce weight and get a body that you are happy with can be quite challenging. If you’re genuinely experiencing difficulty and feel like you’ve tried everything with food and exercise to shed some weight, you might think about getting liposuction. Vaser lipo in Manhattan uses cutting-edge technology to successfully remove stubborn fat deposits from various body parts that are resistant to diet and exercise while also reshaping the body.

The skin is tightened and extra resistant fat is removed using ultrasonic energy during this minimally invasive technique. VASER Lipo is the best option for both men and women who desire to have well-defined abs or a slim physique. The technique not only gets rid of unwanted fat but also helps with skin tightening. With little to no pain or discomfort, this treatment shapes the body. It can be done on the back, breasts, buttocks, arms, love handles, hips, thighs, knees, calves, and ankles, among other body parts.

A local anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area. The patient will be awake throughout the operation and the numbness will prevent the patient from feeling any pain or discomfort. A saline solution is injected into the area to be treated, expanding the tissue and making it simple to remove the fat cells. Ultrasound energy waves cause the little VASER probe to vibrate and break up the fatty tissue when it is placed into the treatment area. The VaserLipo cannula is used to extract the liquefied fat and fluid. The procedure causes less damage to nearby tissues compared to traditional liposuction.

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How Long Does It Take to See the Results of Vaser Lipo Procedure?

After your liposuction treatment, you will notice that the places from where your surgeon removed fat have a slight swelling. The initial swelling would gradually reduce by the end of the first week, but it may take up to six weeks for the swelling to entirely subside. To minimize swelling, your plastic surgeon may recommend using a compression garment throughout your recovery.

On the first day after the surgery, you will probably feel sore and so your doctor may very likely prescribe pain medicine to ease it. To minimize any pain or suffering as much as possible, make sure you follow the directions to rest and take your medication as directed. To lessen swelling, you must make sure to wear your compression clothing. Also, you might have some drains where there are incisions, which is very normal. They are used to ensure that your recovery is as rapid and painless as possible by preventing fluid buildup around the wound. On the second day also you may experience the same. So continue to wear your compression garment and also stay hydrated.

  • After the first week

    The hardest part of your liposuction recovery will be over by the time you get to a week after surgery. You will observe that you feel a lot less pain now than you did the first couple of days. Usually, you can resume working from home by this time. You will still need to wear your compression clothing for another week. You can also reduce your pain medication intake and take them only when necessary.

  • After a month

    You should no longer experience pain or discomfort four weeks after liposuction. You will begin to see the results of the liposuction; however, there might be a little lingering swelling. At the incision sites, you can still be a little bruised, but it should be fading effectively with time. At this stage, your surgeon will typically encourage you to resume modest exercise while continuing to avoid heavy lifting and other demanding activities. You can also go back to your regular job. If you have a profession that is physically demanding, check this with your surgeon.

  • After three months

    You should be able to see your final liposuction results between six weeks and two months after the treatment. There might be some residual swelling or bruising, but it shouldn’t stop you from noticing a significant improvement in your appearance. Your surgeon’s work will make the donor body areas from where fat cells were removed look tighter and smoother than before. Depending on how quickly you heal from liposuction, you may be able to resume heavier lifting and more strenuous training. Your scars may still be present at this point, but they are probably small and barely detectable. To improve their appearance over time, keep them hydrated, out of the sun, or cover them with sunscreen.

  • If you maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine, the effects of VASER liposuction may last a lifetime. The good news is that the fat does not regrow in the places that have been treated, and the effects are still visible if the patient maintains a healthy weight after liposuction. So, consider Vaser lipo in Manhattan if you want to shape your body. They also provide Hi Def Ultrasonic Liposuction, which liquefies stubborn fat so that it can be suctioned off without causing damage to the nearby tissues.

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