Important Things You Should Know about Knee Liposuction

by | Published on Apr 1, 2019 | Knee Liposuction

Many women consider shapely legs as a valuable asset that contribute to their overall attractiveness but factors such as aging, hormonal changes, and weight gain can cause fat to build up on either side of the knees or behind the knees. To get rid of this fat build-up, many try strenuous diet and exercises, which might not work. Knee liposuction in New York City using laser liposuction is an ideal solution for this concern because it helps to get rid of excess fat around the knees and achieve slimmer, well-shaped, attractive legs.

If you are considering the procedure, there are some important things to know.

  • What is knee liposuction?

Knee liposuction in New York City is a procedure that helps to get rid of excess fat behind or on either side of the knees. The procedure provides more definition to the knee cap, the front structures of the knee, the lower fibula area, and the calves. It contours your knee area, giving your legs a more attractive look. Both men and women can benefit from this knee-fat reduction procedure. Today, surgeons in NYC offer minimally-invasive knee contouring procedures using the Smartlipo Triplex workstation.

  • Is Smartlipo a Safe Option for Knee Liposuction?

Many patients have concerns about the safety of Smartlipo for knee liposuction. Leading surgeons say that the knee area responds very well to Smartlipo and is safe when performed by an expert surgeon specialized in this Smartlipo laser liposuction procedure. The surgeon’s skill is a very important factor because the back of the knee has very important blood vessels and an injury can lead to serious consequences. Moreover, you should also be an ideal candidate for the procedure and only a trained and experienced surgeon can determine this.

  • Where all does the procedure give more definition to?
    • Knee cap
    • Front structures of the knee
    • Lower fibula area
    • Calves
  • Is every individual a candidate for this procedure?No, only an ideal candidate can reap all the benefits of knee liposuction using Smartlipo.  According to Zwivel, this laser liposuction treatment is an ideal option for adults who meet the following criteria:
      • Have fat deposits in the inner knee area or front knee area
      • Have good skin elasticity with no sun damage or sagging
      • Be arthritis-free in your knees (individuals with arthritis tend to have bumps around the knees)
      • Have realistic expectations about what liposuction can achieve
      • Have a positive outlook, and specific body contouring goals
      • Be in good health

    And you are not a good candidate if you:

    • Suffer from autoimmune deficiency disorders, cardiac disorders, bleeding disorders or hemophilia, or have a history of deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the legs) or pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs), which may increase the risk of complications.
    • Are taking medications that increase the risk of bleeding (such as herbal supplements, aspirin or anticoagulants such as Coumadin) or any drugs that may inhibit the metabolism of Lidocaine, the local anesthetic used in tumescent liposuction technique.
    • Expect liposuction to be an effective means to lose weight permanently. Remember that liposuction is not proven to be an effective treatment for obesity.
    • If your skin does not have good elasticity, then there could be some degree of a crepe or slightly wrinkled appearance. However in many cases, patients with poor skin elasticity are happy with their new self despite the slightly wrinkled appearance of the skin.


  • How is the procedure performed?

After determining your candidature for liposuction on knees, the procedure is carried out using Smartlipo Triplex. Smartlipo uses laser energy to liquefy the unwanted fat tissues so that they can be suctioned out smoothly, while tightening the loose skin for an improved outcome. The sophisticated laser modality used in Smartlipo combines the benefits of multiple laser wavelengths (1440, 1064 and 1320 nm) into one laser output for achieving superior results.

  • Can this procedure be combined with thigh liposuction for shapely legs?

Yes, knee liposuction can be combined with thigh liposuction. Combining this treatment with lipolysis of the inner thighs could result in well-shaped legs.

  • What are the benefits of knee liposuction?

    With this FDA-approved laser-assisted device, patients experience only minimal scarring, swelling, bleeding, bruising and pain. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. Other benefits of using Smartlipo Triplex for knee fat removal include:

    • Fatty tissues are liquefied and suctioned out effortlessly
    • The loose skin in the knees is tightened for enhanced results
    • Its unique patient-friendly features – SmartSense™ with ThermaGuide™ make the procedure extremely safe
    • Short treatment time and downtime
    • Faster healing and speedy recovery
  • What does recovery involve?

The recovery time depends on many factors including the technique used, how you care for yourself following surgery, and health status. You have to follow your surgeon’s instructions to achieve a speedy recovery and avoid complications. Wearing a knee compression garment for about 10 days following the surgery is essential to control swelling and to compress the skin to the new body contour. There are certain tips to speed up recovery after the procedure.

Choosing a surgeon with extensive experience in performing knee liposuction in Manhattan, NYC and skill in utilizing advanced laser technology is crucial for a successful outcome. An established AAAASF-accredited practice would have surgeons who are experts in performing laser liposuction procedures. When you are in the right hands, you can expect safe and effective treatment, attractive results, and valuable guidance and support for a smooth recovery.

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