Will Breast Reduction Surgery Affect My Ability To Breastfeed?

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Breast Liposuction

Overly large breasts can cause discomfort, including neck and back pain, and affect a woman’s clothing choices. Breast reduction liposuction in Manhattan is an ideal solution for this concern. However, many women considering the procedure worry about whether it will affect their ability to breastfeed. To answer this, let’s first take a look at how breast reduction is performed.

Breast reduction surgery removes excess fat and glandular tissue and also repositions nipples. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The type of surgery you had counts. If a large amount of breast tissue is removed or if the surgery affects the milk ducts, it can affect the patient’s ability to produce breast milk and breastfeed. If the surgery causes breast tissue scarring, it can affect milk production
  • In general, the longer the time since your procedure, the greater the sensation you’re likely to have in your nipple and areola and the more milk may be able to produce. According to La Leche League, if a woman had breast reduction five or more years before becoming pregnant, it is likely she will have a better milk supply.

Breast milk is crucial for your baby’s health. After giving birth, all women produce at least droplets of first milk (colostrum). Medical experts say that new moms had breast or nipple surgery in the past can breastfeed their newborns and are strongly encouraged to do so as it will provide their baby antibodies at every feeding (clevelandclinic.org).

Due to all these reasons, it’s crucial that you talk to your plastic surgeon about any concerns you may have about breastfeeding following a breast reduction. Ask your surgeon if the nipple will be removed completely or just moved. If more of the nipple and milk ducts are unaffected, it may not impact breastfeeding.

When it comes to candidacy for the procedure, there is no specific age limit, but being in reasonably good health is important. Smokers should at least two weeks before surgery, Reliable plastic surgeons will inform patients of the risks of the procedure including its’ impact on the nipple and areola, and problems with wound healing.

Fortunately, plastic surgeons can perform breast reduction using special techniques that can preserve the parts responsible for making milk. In fact, liposuction breast reduction in Manhattan comes with fewer complications than traditional breast reduction surgery and recovery is also faster. The procedure is performed using minimally-invasive modalities such as BodyTite RFAL and SmartLipo Triplex.

If you are considering breast reduction, choose a plastic surgery center in Manhattan that has surgeons who have extensive expertise in the procedure. Experts can provide valuable guidance and help you make an informed decision.

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