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Liposuction – Understanding the Facts

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Regular exercise and switching to a healthy diet are the best way to shed those unwanted pockets of fat and achieve a well-shaped body. Unfortunately, these strategies don’t work always and for everyone. Liposuction could be the ideal option is such circumstances. NYC has surgical practices dedicated to this cosmetic surgical procedure. Liposuction in New York City allows men and women to get rid of unwanted fat and get a trimmer, attractive physique. According to the 2017 annual statistics report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), liposuction ranked second among the five top procedures, and saw a 5% increase from 2016.

The popularity of liposuction has soared with the availability of advanced technologies. The treatment is ideal for both men and women who have specific areas of localized unwanted fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, love handles, hips, knees, thighs, arms, face, neck, and chin that do not yield to even strenuous diet and exercise. The procedure involves removing the stubborn fat cells based on the person’s unique aesthetic goals and concerns. Some people opt for liposuction if they find themselves unable to make required dietary changes or undertake the exercise due to certain reasons or due to their busy schedules. The important point to note is that liposuction is not a weight loss method.

A Top Health Journal article notes that people who consider liposuction usually have suspicions about the treatment and its safety. The article notes that they may be justified as the “issues relating to the development of further medical complications, or being unable to maintain a healthy lifestyle ever again, make liposuction even more dubious.”

Therefore, if you are considering liposuction, you should fully understand the facts – when liposuction is a good option, what the treatment involves, types, techniques used, recovery, and safety.

If you are healthy and crave a well-shaped physique, but cannot achieve it through diet and exercise, liposuction is the best option. However, conventional liposuction surgery can result in the development of cellulite, the condition that gives skin a lumpy texture. In addition, you should know that this body contouring treatment is not for everybody. To be an ideal candidate for liposuction surgery, you should be healthy, not have any serious medical conditions, be a non-smoker, and so on. A person with a medical history of cardiovascular illness or hypertension should not have the treatment unless they get medical clearance.

Liposuction candidates should also be aware about the different types of liposuction procedures, which vary in the way they are performed but have some common characteristics. The three basic categories are: Tumescent Liposuction, Smartlipo Liposuction, and Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction. Of these, Smartlipo has emerged as a popular option for the many benefits it offers.

Laser liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure performed using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation which utilizes three unique laser wavelengths (1064nm, 1320nm, 1440nm) to remove unwanted body fat and firm sagging skin. The laser energy melts the excess fat, which is then safely removed from the body without causing much discomfort or pain. The device’s intelligent delivery systems SmartSenseā„¢ and ThermaGuideā„¢ monitor the skin temperature and deliver safe levels of energy for the procedure. Smartlipo in NYC allows patients to achieve their aesthetic goals more quickly than traditional liposuction and with considerably less surgical trauma and downtime.

As with any surgical procedure, proper pre- and post-op care is crucial to obtain optimal results and recovery smoothly after liposuction. Many people who have liposuction are unaware about the significance of post-operative care. Planning well ahead for the post-operative period can help you easily overcome any discomfort associated with the procedure.

If you are considering liposuction in New York City, choose an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility that has experienced plastic surgeons. Reliable surgeons will provide personalized care to help you achieve your aesthetic goals safely and effectively.


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